Financial Statements

Financial Statement, 2016

Donation Amount$31247Filing Fees$0
Interest Income$0Supplies$0
Project Funding$21511Bank Charges$36
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$436Miscellaneous$350
Fundraising Expense$8859Postage$0
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$-2069
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$28135
Book Balance$26066 

Financial Statement, 2015

Donation Amount$25196Filing Fees$0
Interest Income$25196Supplies$148
Project Funding$16135Bank Charges$42
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$225Miscellaneous$45
Fundraising Expense$6910Postage$146
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$427
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$27708
Book Balance$28135 

Financial Statement, 2014

Donation Amount$39955Filing Fees$0
Interest Income$0Supplies$30
Project Funding$26851Bank Charges$42
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$452Miscellaneous$380
Fundraising Expense$7046Postage$150
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$1696
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$24837
Book Balance$26533 

Financial Statement, 2013

Donation Amount$38966Filing Fees$20
Interest Income$0Supplies$33
Project Funding$32171Bank Charges$78
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$513Miscellaneous$373
Fundraising Expense$7015Postage$96
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$-2738
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$27575
Book Balance$24837 

Financial Statement, 2012

Donation Amount$48168Filing Fees$25
Interest Income$41Supplies$128
Project Funding$29321Bank Charges$18
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$103
Transfer Fees$369Miscellaneous$1197
Fundraising Expense$6782Postage$523
Advertisement$600Net Cash Flow$7305
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$20271
Book Balance$27576 

Financial Statement, 2011

Donation Amount$38743Filing Fees$45
Interest Income$43Supplies$131
Project Funding$30964Bank Charges$0
Paypal Fees$34Web Hosting$250
Transfer Fees$291Miscellaneous$0
Fundraising Expense$5945Postage$97
Advertisement$150Net Cash Flow$-1491
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$21762
Book Balance$20271 

Financial Statement, 2010

Donation Amount$38737Filing Fees$15
Interest Income$44Supplies$325
Project Funding$28133Bank Charges$0
Paypal Fees$28Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$332Miscellaneous$1000
Fundraising Expense$4194Postage$223
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$3781
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$17981
Book Balance$21762 

Financial Statement, 2009

Donation Amount$33714Filing Fees$20
Interest Income$175Supplies$148
Project Funding$22691Bank Charges$41
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$241Miscellaneous$0
Fundraising Expense$5620Postage$234
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$4144
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$13837
Book Balance$17981 

Financial Statement, 2008

Donation Amount$34079Filing Fees$35
Interest Income$318Supplies$35
Project Funding$23608Bank Charges$13
Paypal Fees$151Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$361Miscellaneous$0
Fundraising Expense$5727Postage$476
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$1071
Booth Rental$475Prior Year Balance$12766
Book Balance$13837 

Financial Statement, 2007

Donation Amount$35885Filing Fees$55
Interest Income$164Supplies$30
Project Funding$26470Bank Charges$0
Paypal Fees$71Web Hosting$143
Transfer Fees$377Miscellaneous$0
Fundraising Expense$7283Postage$339
Advertisement$1000Net Cash Flow$2419
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$15185
Book Balance$12766 

Financial Statement, 2006

Donation Amount$63802Filing Fees$25
Interest Income$0Supplies$590
Project Funding$26962Bank Charges$30
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$341Miscellaneous$0
Fundraising Expense$12972Postage$189
Advertisement$750Net Cash Flow$16551
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$0
Book Balance$16551 

Financial Statement, 200X (Donation Date Not Available)

Donation Amount$9344Filing Fees$20
Interest Income$164Supplies$148
Project Funding$8606Bank Charges$37
Paypal Fees$0Web Hosting$0
Transfer Fees$73Miscellaneous$0
Fundraising Expense$0Postage$72
Advertisement$0Net Cash Flow$102
Booth Rental$0Prior Year Balance$13837
Book Balance$13939 
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You can assist us in a number of ways in helping the poor in VN:

  • Participate in our Summer English Program by becoming a volunteer teacher for five weeks.
  • Recruit qualified volunteers to serve as English teachers for our Summer Program.
  • Set Education For The Poor up as a charitable program with your company so we can receive contributions from the employees and matching donations from the company.