Founder's Letter

bishopGreeting to you!

In the past thirty years, the Vietnamese community has accomplished many successes in this newly adopted country. On the humanitarian side, we have opened our hearts to the call for help and have fulfilled many rescue and healing projects aimed at assisting our country people in Vietnam in their times of need. Our loving hearts have certainly alleviated the burden and sorrow of the less fortunate on the other side of the globe.

The love and concern of our community, and especially of all charitable organizations, led me to ponder about how to help abate the poverty-stricken situation of our people in Vietnam , how to improve their quality of life, and especially how to help young people attain a brighter future and a more decent existence than their predecessors. In deciding to concentrate on education, I understand that even though it is not a matter of life and death, it needs to be solved immediately as education has an urgency of its own. We cannot procrastinate. We need to initiate help as fast as we can before poverty takes even stronger roots. Only education can help eradicate poverty in the long run.

Vietnam was at one time called the Pearl of the Orient. However, misfortune and war have ravaged the country and turned it into a somewhat antiquated nation. We need education to help renovate the country and assist young people in the recreation of a revitalized Vietnam . I believe that young people are the future of the country and that education is their hope. Education has elevated many poor nations to a higher position because they have given particular attention to cultivating their educational system. Hence, I firmly believe that, with a strong educational system, our country can reach a respectable position, can give the younger generation a better future, and can lead them and their families out of poverty.

There is a tremendous need for educational assistance and I believe that with your help, young people in Vietnam and their families can take a giant leap into a more decent future. Let us help them find the key to their life and give them hope along the way. Your help is truly appreciated and, on behalf of the poor in Vietnam , we are deeply grateful.

Gratefully yours,

Bishop Dominic M. Luong
Auxiliary Bishop of Orange

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You can assist us in a number of ways in helping the poor in VN:

  • Participate in our Summer English Program by becoming a volunteer teacher for five weeks.
  • Recruit qualified volunteers to serve as English teachers for our Summer Program.
  • Set Education For The Poor up as a charitable program with your company so we can receive contributions from the employees and matching donations from the company.