Summer Program

Every year, Education For The Poor recruits volunteers from different universities to teach English to students in Vietnam for five weeks during the summer. During the last few years, we were able to help approximately 1500 students improve their proficiency in English each summer. In addition to English, we also hosted a short session in Accounting to help students find jobs with foreign companies. Both programs have greatly benefited our students in their academic endeavors and job search.

It fills us with great happiness that our volunteers were able to witness the impact of their contributions and recognize the meaning of giving oneself to humanity. We would like to thank them for instilling confidence and hope of a better future in their students. We also would like to send our deepest thanks to the local religious institutions and the various Student Associations for their help during the summer session and for welcoming our volunteers into their lives with open arms. Their love and friendship have allowed our volunteers to experience the true sweetness of Vietnam and its people, and have given them many unforgettable memories to bring home.

Education For The Poor has created its own teaching materials for this program. To save money and to be able to leave learning materials with our students at the end of the session, we have started to write books since 2007. Most books were recorded onto CDs in order to help students correctly learn English year-round. Currently we have the following books:

  • At Ease With English Grammar: Grammar book written in English for advanced level students.
  • Van Pham Anh Van: Grammar book written in Vietnamese for lower level students.
  • Pronunciation - The Way It Sounds: This book aims to teach students how to correctly pronounce words using phonic symbols.
  • Essential Vocabulary For Beginners
  • Conversation Book - Intermediate Level: This book includes 29 chapters with short conversations and exercises for intermediate level students.
  • Conversation For All Occasions: This is a conversation book for advanced level students which includes 26 chapters on daily life as well as academic and professional life.
  • Most Common Words of the TOEIC Exam: This book includes approximately 1800 words accompanied by their definitions that are commonly used in TOEIC exams (Test of English for International Communication).

Scholarship Program

This is one of the yearly projects conducted by Education For The Poor to help students with the payment of their tuition. We put a lot of hope in the young generation of Vietnam and wish that they secure a better future through education. EFTP holds the belief that we need to cultivate a tree until it yields fruits, and as such we will continue to give scholarships to students until they graduate. Our scholarship program is overseen by local religious members such as priests, monks and nuns in order to ensure the success of the program.

Educational Learning Centers

The centers continue to be an important part in the development of the members since it is here where they gather to improve their English skills and to accumulate up-to-date knowledge essential to their personal and professional lives. It is here where they can build up experiences, sharpen their managerial skills and nourish their self confidence in order to garner success in the future. And, it is also here where they create programs, such as “Professional Advisory Services-Assistance to Exams Taking” in order to help younger individuals according to the spirit of love and sharing advocated by EFTP and the community.


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Get Involved

You can assist us in a number of ways in helping the poor in VN:

  • Participate in our Summer English Program by becoming a volunteer teacher for five weeks.
  • Recruit qualified volunteers to serve as English teachers for our Summer Program.
  • Set Education For The Poor up as a charitable program with your company so we can receive contributions from the employees and matching donations from the company.