Our Vision

Two roadblocks that students have yet to overcome.
  • First difficulty: Scarcity of universities.
A university degree is considered an opportunity to move up, and although many attempt to take advantage of such opportunities, the university system's door is very narrow and there are many barriers to its entrance. Among the unfortunate students who have no opportunity for admission, many are those who have outstanding academic abilities. They should have the opportunity to develop their skills.

Solution: In this new century, universities are no longer the only route leading to educational advancement. Globalization opens up new opportunities to acquire knowledge necessary for developing one's own talents. The main requirements are a fluency in foreign languages and an ability to mine the Internet for new knowledge.

  • Second difficulty: Difficulty in finding a decent job following graduation.
EFTP has met with many poor parents who have sacrificed much to put their children through school with the hope that a college education will help raise their children from poverty. It is really heartbreaking when their children cannot find a decent job following graduation.

Solution: Investment from foreign countries, especially from the U.S., will bring many employment opportunities and will help alleviate the job seeking problem. It is worthy to note that these new investments not only bring employment opportunities to the people, they also carry applications of new technologies that will greatly benefit the young generation.
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Get Involved

You can assist us in a number of ways in helping the poor in VN:

  • Participate in our Summer English Program by becoming a volunteer teacher for five weeks.
  • Recruit qualified volunteers to serve as English teachers for our Summer Program.
  • Set Education For The Poor up as a charitable program with your company so we can receive contributions from the employees and matching donations from the company.